An IP-PBX telephone system in your business premises is an ideal opportunity to communicate with your business partners and customers, regardless of the situation. This is a highly scalable solution for all companies for management within the business network, at lower levels. Advantages of IP PBX telephone Voice over Internet Protocol or IP telephony is the process of transmission of analog audio signals into digital data, with a broadband Internet connection.

This service allows you to call on national and international locations for people who have the same agency or any other telecommunications system. Some of the benefits of IP-PBX system for your company are:

  • More functionality;
  • Lower operating and infrastructure costs;
  • Improved productivity through effective telecommunications;
  • Routing of calls through the existing data network.

Fully Automated System with Easy call handling provides an IP-PBX phone system, you can effectively manage calls in various sections of your office, as well as with your customers in different locations. The system comes with numerous advanced call handling functions such as voice mail, fax mail, caller ID, find me follow me call forwarding and much more. All calls are welcomed with a professionally recorded greeting via the auto-attendant function.

If left unattended, or not answered, the calls will automatically be rolled on your mobile phone numbers or other extensions. Get quotes from reliable suppliers, while for an IP telephone system, be sure to choose according to your needs. Many IP-PBX telephone system providers to provide unlimited extensions such as virtual extensions, metered extensions and global expansion, a number of calls simultaneously. Some of them even offer direct to users, depending on their requirements.

IP-PBX telephone system with its many advanced features over traditional telephone assets, and is an inexpensive means of improving the productivity of your company.

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